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Our flexible payment structures are designed to afford anyone the opportunity to become their healthiest version.

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Individual Limited Access (Mon – Fri: 09h00-15h00)

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Minimum contract period is 12 months

Individual Limited Access (Mon – Fri: 09h00-15h00)

CSIR Employee rates available (enquire at reception)



Are you ready to join
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1.  Complete the original joining form at reception (no forms to be taken home)
2.  Complete the full payment 
3.  Complete a PPHS form (Pre-Participation Health Screening)

Pre-Participation Health Screening

  • All clients wanting to join the facility have to complete a PPHS form.
  • Many health benefits are associated with regular exercise and the completion of the PPHS is a sensible first step to take if you are planning to increase the amount of physical activity in your life. The PPHS has been designed to ensure member safety in embarking on a new physical activity road.
  • The PPHS by itself provides adequate screening for the majority of people. However, some individuals may require a medical evaluation and specific advice (exercise prescription) due to one or more positive responses to the PPHS.
  • Failure to keep your appointment will result in your access card being deactivated until the appointment has taken place.
  • Anybody who joins the facility receives a complimentary 30 min consultation with a biokineticist where a more detailed medical history is completed. Your personal, medical and orthopaedic history, current lifestyle and short and long term goals will be discussed to assist the member on a safe & enjoyable exercise journey.
4.  Obtaining an Access Card
  •  Complete an application form at reception and pay R50.00. Please supply your ID. You must then take a copy of your ID with the application form to the card office (building 2), during office hours – 8h00 – 15h30.
  • They will take a photo and print your card.
  • Provide the gym with your card number to activate.
5.  Biokinetics Services and Fees
  •  Once the Biokineticist has completed the consultation they will advise you on the following steps to take to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable exercise experience.
  • Depending on the PPHS and consultation, the Biokineticist will recommend an appropriate assessment. Once an evaluation is completed, an exercise program will be prescribed, a report will be discussed with you and sent to your doctor.
  • The above service is at an additional charge.
  • Kruger Biokineticists is contracted out.
  • You are personally responsible for payment of the account as we have no direct dealing with any medical aids. We charge medical aid tariffs that you can claim from a majority of the medical aids.