About Our Biokineticists

You need more than just a personal trainer

A Biokineticist is an exercise specialist who enhances a person’s physical condition and quality of life by means of physical assessment, education, and the prescription of scientifically based exercises.

The Biokineticist is part of a medical team that specializes in preventative medicine and final phase rehabilitation. They prescribe safe individualised exercise programs to promote a healthy lifestyle and quality of life through physical activity.

All Biokineticists are Registered with Biokinetics Association South Africa (BASA) & Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

We use Medical Aid Tariffs and you can claim back from your medical aid

When do you need a biokineticist?

When you are serious about your fitness or rehabilitation

BestMed Wellness

This fitness test consists of:

  • An initial assessment
  • one on one session discussing program prescription
  • Re-assessment 

Momentum Machine

Earn healthy days by scanning the QR code at the facility and training for at least 30 minutes.

InBody Scan

Go beyond the scale with the InBody Test, a non-invasive, quick, and accurate body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water.

65+ Vitality Fitness Assessment

Our Biokineticists are highly educated and trained to offer you only the best.

You can earn up to 7 500 Vitality points depending on your fitness level.

Vitality Machine

Log your training session and earn 100 points per day. Vitality Baby Mothers will earn 200 Vitality points during pregnancy and until their babies are 6 months old. 

Vitality Fitness Testing

Learn more about your fitness level  in the Vitality Wellness Network. You can earn up to 7 500 Vitality points depending on your fitness level.


Working with a biokineticist ensures you get the best possible assistance for your fitness and rehabilitation journey.

Start your journey, whatever it is

Who can use Biokinetic Services?

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Special Populations

Sport Specific Training

General Conditioning

Additional tests available

Our team can assist with a variety of assessments

Physical Work Capacity

A Physical Work Capacity test allows us to determine an individual’s maximal oxygen consumption. In simple terms, maximal oxygen consumption is a measure of the endurance capacity of both the cardio respiratory system and exercising skeletal muscle.

Orthopaedic Evaluation

An orthopaedic evaluation consists of a specific history of the condition and previous treatment, and a general medical history. A specific assessment of the affected limb or body part. This includes the manual determination of range of motion, muscle strength, flexibility and posture analysis.