Frequently Asked Questions

To enter the CSIR Campus:

Use the following link and take a screenshot of last page (confirmation) to show the guards at the gate – compulsory to enter!

           New login every day + activated Access Card


  • No one will be allowed to access the campus / facility without wearing a mask
  • Please enter the campus / facility with your mask already in place


To enter the facility:

  • By entering the glass door you acknowledge that you have no signs or symptoms of COVID-19!
  • You will be required to wear your mask for the duration of your visit
  • Disposable mask will be available at the facility – R10.00
  • If you wear a face shield – a mask is still needed
  • Sanitise your hands at the handless sanitizer before entering the facility
  • Social distancing of at least 2 meters must be maintained at all times
  • Limit contact, avoiding handshaking and hugging
  • Covering mouth and nose, every time you cough or sneeze. Use a tissue to cover your mouth or nose if possible
  • Always wash your hands with soap after coughing, blowing your nose and sneezing
  • If a cough or sneeze sneaks up on you and no tissue is available, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve
  • The aircons will not be switched on during this time, to ensure as much fresh air circulates throughout the facility as possible
  • Please wipe equipment before and after using the equipment - sanitising bottles and small cloths are available, place in bucket on your way out
  • Always remember to wash or sanitise your hands, especially after touching common areas or equipment
  • Please bring your own water bottle with water
  • If you need to shower before work or an important appointment, please inform front desk, in order for our cleaners to sanitize afterwards
  • Please use your BIG towel (daily washed) to cover the equipment or the mats while stretching

We prefer payments via EFT to minimize contact

  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Order
  • Internet Transfer: no activation of membership can commence before proof of payment is received and verified on bank statements.

Please remember to bring your ID document when joining or purchasing an access card.

Mondays – Thursdays: 06:30 – 19:30  

Fridays: 06:30 – 17:30  

No staff available on weekends or public holidays. 

Unfortunately, your membership may not be traded, transferred or assigned to any other person. If you allow your card to be used by a non-member, you may be expelled from the centre and campus and have your membership terminated, without any refund.

A minimum period of 4 weeks per membership is allowed. An admin fee of R50.00 per month will be charged and has to accompany a written notice prior to the time of absence. 
For a 6 month contract, 1 month can be frozen. 
For a 12 month contract, 3 months can be frozen.

Please note the fees paid to suspend your membership is not  refundable or transferable.

On completion of signing the debit order and gym contract you are responsible for the full payment of the term of the contract. Failure of your monthly debit order payment you will be charged a R50.00 admin fee over and above the monthly fee applicable to your contract.

Every member has a grace period of 3 months after their contract has expired, renew your contract within the grace period and no joining fee will be levied.

Procedure for entering and exiting the gym: 

How to Enter: 

  • Hold your card against the card reader, tap only once.
  • Green light will flash with a beep
  • Glass door is now open - push to open
  • Only one person can enter at a time
  • Wait for the glass door to lock behind you before tapping your card on the access unit against the wall on the left
  • Walk directly into the turnstile, do not turn it first as the turnstile only allows one turn after swiping your card.


How to Exit 

  • Tap your card against the access unit against the wall on the right
  • Green light will flash with a beep
  • The turnstile will unlock
  • Only one person can exit at a time
  • Tap your card on the access unit against the wall on the left to exit
  • NB: If you entered the gym with your access card, but did not exit correctly, with your access card, the system will not allow you to enter the gym next time.


If you’ve lost your card, report it at reception as soon as possible.
A new card will be issued to you at R 50.00.

Supervision/Office Hours are the hours that there is a staff member available to assist you.

Monday – Thursday: 06h30 - 19h00

Friday: 06h30 - 18h00

Please use a big towel at all times while exercising and remember to wipe equipment immediately after use for hygienic reasons. Exercise mats and spray bottles and a cloth are  available.

Pigeon holes are provided in the change rooms to store your personal belongings at your own risk while you exercise. These lockers are available for a single exercise session only. Please provide your own padlock. All personal belongings must be removed after your exercise session. Any lock left overnight can be removed – and the contents of the locker will be placed in lost property.